What is Uplighting?

Uplights are the lights placed around the perimeter of the room directed at the walls. Uplighting paints the plain white or beige walls that most venues have with any colour you desire. Uplighting gives that ‘Wow’ factor when people enter into the venue for your reception.

Add uplighting to your wedding to change your event from standard to stunning! Uplighting creates a mood like no other!

Uplights aren’t just for your Reception Hall. Uplighting can also be used for ceremonies as well as outdoor receptions held in tents or pavilions.

Classic Uplighting

Below are some examples of our basic uplighting colours. We can also provide custom colours as an add-on.

Uplighting Packages

4 Uplights: $150.00 + Taxes

4 uplights1

Recommended for accent lighting on smaller areas such as:
Sweet Heart Tables
Dessert Tables
Small Head Tables

6 Uplights: $200.00 + Taxes

6 uplights

Recommended for accent lighting on larger areas such as:
Large Head Tables

12 Uplights: $300.00 + taxes

12 Uplights

Recommended for smaller venues (not including head table lighting):
Cocktail Hour Location
Indoor Ceremony

16 Uplights: $400.00 + Taxes

16 Uplights

Recommended for medium venues (including head table lighting):
100-250 Guests
Pointe West Golf Club
Ambassador Golf Club
Sprucewood Winery

24 Uplights: $600.00 + Taxes

24 uplights

Recommended for large venues (including a head table):
250 + Guests
Ciociaro Club
Caboto Club
Caesars Windsor Ballrooms