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Tips Before Attending A Wedding Show!

Tips Before Attending A Wedding Show!

Tips Before Attending A Wedding Show!


Before you step foot into a wedding show here are some very helpful tips!

1) Don’t go alone: There will be wedding vendors in every direction and they all want to speak with you. You will never have enough time. Bring a helpful friend (or two) that will collect as much information as they can. Grab brochures from everyone! Fold the corner on the ones you’re interested in!! This will help you when you get home,  you can easily check our your top picks.

2) Make an email address just for your wedding: When you attend these shows I am telling you sign up for EVERYTHING! Even if you aren’t interested in the draw or whatever they’re offering, chances are they are using your email to send you promotions and coupons!!

3) Make labels with your information: There will be about 1000+ draws and contest to enter and you will get tired of writing your information over and over and over. You can easily pick up address labels from Staples and print Your Name, Wedding Date, Phone Number and Email Address. Stick that bad boy everywhere!

4) Make an action plan: You may not have enough time to get to everyone, make a list of the vendors you want to meet and make sure to hit up those ones first!

5) Go early: A lot of vendors will hand out coupons and goodies, if you show up within the last hour chances are you are missing out!

6) Call your top picks ASAP: There are hundreds of brides at these shows, if you want to make sure you get the vendor you’re set on don’t wait! Most vendors can only do one Wedding per date, you don’t want to get stuck with the vendor nobody wanted =(


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